Jay Dilla Returns to Produce full album for Dres of BlackSheep


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In an instagram post on October 18th, Dres of BlackSheep stated " I dunno if you heard yet, but im putting a project together for early 2020.. I was blessed with the permission from #MaDukes to go through over 500 folders of production from #JayDilla and make an album...overwhelming a bit but one of the most amazing experiences of my career. #DnD." Both members of the "Native Tongue Family" J Dilla and Dres are two of the most influential HIPHOP artists of the Golden Era. Dres is best known for his contribution to the smash single "The choice is Yours"(revisited) by BlackSheep when he electrified the HIPHOP community in 1991 with the iconic phrase "Engine Engine number 9... you guys know where Im headed with this.

James Dewitt Yancey - born Febuary 7th 1974 Aka "Jay Dilla" was an American record producer best known for his inpeccable volume of beat production for such acts as a A Tribe Called Quest,De La Soul,Busta Rhymes,Erykah Badu,The Roots,The Pharcyde,Madlib and Common. It seems even after his tragic untimely death on Febuary 10th 2006, Jay Dilla is still producing dope HIPHOP for years to come.

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