RZA Wants Wu-Tang Clan And Rage Against The Machine To Finally Finish Their 1997 Tour


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RZA of the Wu-Tang-Clan said he would like Rage Against the Machine to "finish a tour they did in the 90's they never completed". he also went on to say, “It’s a great thing for Rage to reunite. Tom and Zach getting back together [for] Coachella. It’s going to be exciting,” RZA said. “If the stars line up right, I would love to see [them] – when they finish that Coachella run – to hook up with Wu-Tang and finish that tour we never finished.”

I had the pleasure of witnessing the Wu Tang show in Tucson Arizona myself a few days ago and let me tell you boys and girls.. Promoters.. get out your pocketbooks. Shit just got real.

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