WISE INTELLIGENT: Bringing back HIPHOP from the GoldenEra to the Information Age

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Wise Intelligent (Timothy Grimes) is an American hip hop musician from Trenton, New Jersey. He is a member of Poor Righteous Teachers.

I will ask you what does a legendary EMCEE from the golden era of HIPHOP have to do with the music mood and movement of today and I will tell you the answer.. EVERYTHING. In a world of technology and information there is a new form of black consciousness and identity with groups such as the black hebrew and the black israelites it seems the identity of blackness is gaining a huge never before seen upgrade of the black experience. Just as if the ancestors are requesting, blacks are reclaiming their original connections to MA'AT and KHEMET now even more so than in movements of the 90's. Thats where Wise Intelligent comes in to fill in the gaps. An original member of the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers he has remained awake since the golden era while most people in the industry have been fast asleep. Still sharp as a tack he embodies everything a HIPHOP artist should be. His chop skills and his intellect are as sharp as a knife. You cant help but to instantly fall into the groove when you hear the start of one of his latest joints "G.o.D (Game of Death)"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owjRFV84mUQ

..then Wise instantly smacks you in the face with consciousness with the line,"my kids are fuckin scientists". With all the murmuring trap artists and throwaway party music flooding the airwaves its good to know that HIPHOP still lives without million dollar budgets and auto tune. At a time like this, there is a real need for more "esoteric""awake" music but it seems that some of us were never ever actually asleep to begin with.

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