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labradorite, selenite, tourmaline, crystal quartz, resin, metal shavings, amethyst

Lovely and powerful orgone energy pendant with Metatron's cube design in yellow color

Made with Amethyst, Labradorite, Crystal quartz, Selenite, Tourmaline 

Diameter: 33 mm

The stone of spirituality. Helps develop selflessness spiritual wisdom and medium ability. Stimulates hormone development, improves detoxifying organs and the immune system. Calms the brain and the nervous system, helps in the good decision-making, one of the most spiritual stones.

The stone of esoteric knowledge. It brings light. Powerful protector, strengthens the consciousness, prevents energy loss, protects against negative energies.
Effective for the eyes, brain disorders, menstrual tension, reduces blood pressure. Can cleanse the aura in a few seconds, sets the self-healing mechanism of organism in motion, cleanse other stones.

Orgone energy "Metatron's Cube" Power Pendant