Size : 70-75 MM Approx
Material : Orgone & Natual Gemstone

The item for sale is an Orgonite pyramid with genuine crystal chips. The individual pieces are hand polished by craftsmen so do vary slightly in size, shape, shade and pattern. The item received will have a minimum base length (marked as "a" in the picture) of 70-75 mm. 

Made of genuine crystal chips, plus gold shavings suspended in a clear resin.

Features of Orgonite: Works continuously; turns negative energy into positive energy; purifies the atmosphere and detoxifies water; helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water; mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation, inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods; frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares; helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

Pyramid power: Is the enhanced energy field created by pyramids. The five angles of the pyramid project a beam of radiation towards the center - the "fire in the middle." This amplified life-giving force is called bio-cosmic energy, and the pyramid works as a kind of cosmic antenna, tuning into sources of energy of vaster intensity and then focusing it into its center.


Orgonite Crystal Pyramid 1